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Free Nephi Coloring Page

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Click the image to download this free printable coloring page.

Have your primary class (or kids at home) color this free printable coloringpage of Nephi from the Book of Mormon.

This also makes a great quiet activity for your kids to do during General Conference.

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  1. Hi! We've been talking about Laman, Lemuel, and Nephi a lot in our family recently, and your wonderful coloring pages would be really meaningful for my kiddos as a part of their Conference packets this weekend! I was hoping to combine the two pages, side-by-side, on one landscape-oriented page. While I'm okay printing them as they are, separately, I thought the side-by-side comparison on one sheet would be more meaningful based on our recent discussions. Your PDFs are password-protected, though (understandably so!), so I can't simply shrink and combine them in, say, Photoshop, using your downloadable files. Firstly, would it be okay with you for me to combine them in such a way and, secondly, how would you prefer I do so (there are several methods that come to mind--I just want to make sure I'm keeping within your copyright preferences!). If nothing else, I'll just print them as they are--they'll be awesome that way, too. :) Thank you for your fantastic resources!