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CTR Around the World - CTR Shields in 12 Languages

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Click the image to download this free printable.
Choose the Right can be said in every language, and the CTR shield can be used with any of them.  This free printable comes with 12 different CTR shields in different languages, and would be fun to add to a lesson or primary room.

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  1. I had a difficult time finding all the pronunciations, so I figured I'd share what I found. Spanish: ahz lo hoosto. Dutch: keys da gooda vek. French: shwa-zee-see luh bee-uh. Portuguese: con-sehr'-vah too-ah rroh-tah. Italian: shell-lee ill joos-toh. Polish: vee-beerz spra-wid-lee-wosh'. Tagalog: pee-ling ahng tah-mah. Samoan: fee-lee-fee-lee may-ah toh-noo. German: vah'-lih dahs rrecht (softer than ch but harder than sh). Korean: jong ehk ban (between ban and pan). Finnish: I couldn't find pronunciation on this one.