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Do you have great ideas to help with church callings and FHE and want to share them?  We'd love to hear it and share it with all of our readers!  Just fill out the form below, and make sure to read the submission guidelines and terms of submission below the form.


Mormon Mommy Printables retains the right to choose which printables and ideas will be posted on our website.  Entering a submission does not guarantee a post using that idea or printable, nor does it guarantee that it will be posted right away.

Here are a few things we consider before posting any ideas or printables:

1- Is it high quality?  We want to keep all printable content and ideas of the best quality for our readers, therefore we are a little selective when it comes to things like: printable dpi, artwork, font choices, and color schemes.

2- Is it original?  We don't want to post the same things over and over for what should be obvious reasons.  If you submit an idea or printable that is really similar to what we already have, or to a category or topic that is already bursting with ideas, then we probably won't post it.

3- Are we too busy?  Although we'd love to post everything that is submitted, and post it quickly, sometimes we just get really busy.  And sometimes our kids get sick.  And sometimes we just need a break.  So if you submit something and it doesn't get posted on our site for awhile, then it's probably because we just haven't gotten to it yet.

4-Did you read our Terms of Submissions?  There's some important stuff in there you need to be aware of.


By submitting this form you give Mormon Mommy Printables and Mormon Mommy Blogs the right to publish this information without violating any copyright or infringement laws or regulations.  You may not submit any material that has violated any copyright or infringement laws or regulations, and if any problems arise due to violations you will claim full responsibility.

By submitting a printable you agree to let Mormon Mommy Printables create a preview image, to be displayed on Mormon Mommy Printables, using your printable and/or any images associated with it that have been found on your website.  While Mormon Mommy Printables retains the right to make this preview image in any desired style/size/design, we promise that all images will be made with good intentions.

By submitting a printable you agree that downloading is FREE.  No Etsy shops or other store links, please.  You also claim full responsibility for maintaining links to printables.  If a link to any printables you have on Mormon Mommy Printables changes, you agree to notify us by emailing:

Mormon Mommy Printables reserves the right remove posts, ideas, printables, and links at any time for any reason.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about submissions, please direct them to:


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2014 Primary Theme (7) 4x6 Prints (9) 5x7 printables (50) 8x10 printables (125) agency (11) animals (1) Article of Faith (14) atonement (3) banner (4) baptism (6) binder covers (5) Book of Mormon stories (6) bookmarks (1) boyd k. packer (3) camping (1) candybar wrapper (1) chastity (1) Child of God (9) choose the right (17) Christmas (2) coloring pages (32) commandments (1) covenants (3) cupcake toppers (2) dating (3) dean m. davies (2) Dieter F Uchtdorf (4) doctrine and covenants (1) Easter (1) education (1) Elaine S. Dalton (3) Elder Dube (1) endure to the end (12) example (4) faith (13) families (34) family history (3) fasting (1) father's day (5) fatherhood (4) fathers and sons (2) FHE (53) file folder game (2) first aid and preparation (5) forgiveness (3) friendship and community (18) games and activities (13) general conference (30) goals (7) Gordon B Hinckley (4) gospel living (52) gratitude (5) happiness (21) hard work (7) health (3) henry b. eyring (2) hero (1) Holy Ghost (8) homemaker (3) inspiration (7) iron rod (2) Jeffrey R. Holland (4) Jesus Christ (17) joseph smith (1) journaling (6) judging others (4) just for fun (3) keep the commandments (2) l. tom perry (2) L. Whitney Clayton (1) labels (2) ldsconf (3) leadership and teaching (3) lesson helper (57) M. Russell Ballard (1) marriage (9) mentor (1) missionaries (7) mother's day (2) mothers (3) music (2) nursery (1) obedience (5) parenting (2) party printables (4) patriotism (1) peace (3) personal progress (2) plan of salvation (2) positive attitude (20) pray (1) prayer (16) priesthood (10) Primary (84) Primary Talk (5) printable handouts (157) prints (123) prophets (10) quentin l. cook (1) quotes (5) Relief Society (172) repentance (5) richard g. scott (1) russell m. nelson (1) Sacrament (1) sacrifice (4) scripture (17) scripture stories (8) self-worth (7) service (17) Sharing Time (38) sin (1) singing time (1) stanley g. ellis (1) subway art (1) talents (5) temples (15) temptation (1) ten commandments (1) testimony (4) Thomas S Monson (9) time management (10) treats (1) trials (2) truth (2) values and standards (7) Visiting Teaching (140) women (2) Womens Conference (8) Word of Wisdom (2) Young Women (151)

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